What's New



New half etched  and Reverse half-etched wings now available.

New 1 piece dragonfly units now available.

New half etched bodies. Regular and wide for doming.


Double life size=each wing is 5 inches. Life size= each wing is 2.5 inches , 3/4 life size =each wing is 2 inches . 1/2 life size=each wing is1.25 inches .

Available in .016 Brass, .016 Pure Copper, .020 German Silver.



On The Bench


Tiffany Studios style Grapevine and Grape Arbor Post-It note caddy.

Tiffany Studios style Grapevine and Pine Needle Super Post-It notepad caddy.















16 inch pink and white grape arbor lamp.

NEW  16" Tiffany Studios Style Zentrum GRAPE ARBOR Filigree Lamp



 16" Tiffany Studios Style Grapevine Filigree Lamp


tiffany studos grapevine clock   

       Tiffany Studios Style Grapevine Filigree Clock


Tiffany Pine Needle Picture Frame

16 Inch Tiffany Studios Style Pine Needle Picture Frame


Trout Bookmarks


tiffany studios pine needle lamp           Tiffany Studios Style Grapevine Filigree Window.       Tiffany Studios Style Grape Arbor Picture Frame.


indian chief paperweight       tiffany studios grapevine stamp box  tiffany studios grapevine tissue box cover



Welcome to Zentrum Studios®


     Here at our studio, located in the Heartland,  we hand-fabricate elegant, useful,  articles in turn-of-the-century Tiffany Studios style. This is a true Studio, not a  factory.

     If you are looking for something truly unique, beautiful, and functional, for yourself or as a gift you have found US in the U.S.